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Ceramic macaroni activated carbon type solvent recovery equipment.

We make a theme “we realize an eco-friendly system”.

It proposes the VOC exhaust treatment system which used a circulation technology and Used the high ceramic macaroni activated carbon of the energy saving.



●CO2 emission reduction

●Running cost reduction

●emission VOC reduction

Recycle Reuse


●The well head and the high quality solvent recovery

●It is possible to defecate recovery solvent ,too.

VOC distillation unit

Ceramic carbon solvent recovery unit formula

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VOC distillation unit

Ceramic carbon solvent recovery unit formula



●There are few pressure loss of the capacity of gas of processing roughly in ceramic macaroni activated carbon in the absorption surface area.

●The facilities are compact and it is possible to attempt for the running cost to reduce.

●The safety –equipment that the exothermic action is very good and that the spontaneous combustion doesn’t happen about ceramic macaroni activated carbon.

●With the gaseous-nitrogen desorption the water treatment the case of the steam desorption unnecessary.


 In organic solvent recovery ,it links up with  Environmental Partnership corporation and it tackles the recycling processing of a industrial waste.

6-8-3 Toyosaki Kita-ku Osaka 531-0072 tel (81)6-6373-0630
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